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A written language is the representation of a spoken or gestural language by means of a writing system. From the ancient times people used different signs to express their thoughts in the way when information can remain longer than just a pronounced sound. They wanted to preserve their knowledge, memories and thoughts. Written language was one of the greatest inventions of the human civilization. It made people’s life to improve significantly and develop much faster. Usage of a written language is a fantastic skill which, as we know, isn’t available to any other creature on the Earth except a human.

Reading is the synthesis of a complex network of perceptual and cognitive acts along a continuum from word recognition and decoding skills to comprehension and integration. Beyond the printed page, a skilled reader draws conclusions and inferences from what he or she reads.

Several steps are involved in reading and reading comprehension. Both oral language and the written context play a role in word recognition and in the ability to construct meaning from print. Comprehension emerges from the interaction of letter, sound, word meaning, grammatical and contextual processes, and a reader’s prior knowledge.

Reading is one of the first steps in learning a foreign language. It is essential and extremely important, basic component of any language. Reading skill, actually, opens a language to the learner.

Ukrainian Reading Training is a unique tool for learning to read Ukrainian. I’ve designed it especially for my lessons to get the best and the fastest results with my students.

Exercises in the book are arranged so that, students gradually and naturally get acquainted with all the letters and sounds, their combinations in different positions which exist in Ukrainian. The system of the exercises allows to memorize and be able to use reading principles of Ukrainian very soon an easily.


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13 reasons to learn a foreign language.


Learn anything faster.

Learning a foreign language starts very important and useful processes in your brain. You automatically train yourself to recognize, understand, memorize and use any information much better and faster

Boost your confidence.

When we set out to achieve something and find success, it boosts our confidence levels — no matter how small the progress is.

Even being able to carry a 30-second conversation with a native speaker can significantly make you more confident, because you know it’s something you wouldn’t have been able to do before.

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” — E.E. Cummings

Increase your brain power and prevent potential brain diseases.

A psychologist at York University in Toronto, Ellen Bialystok, has found that students who study foreign languages tend to score better on standardized tests than their monolingual peers, particularly in the categories of math, reading, and vocabulary.

Additionally, a study conducted around a similar time by Researchers from University College London has shown that learning other languages altered grey matter – the area of the brain which processes informationin the same way exercise builds muscles.

Improving our health is something that should be a priority for every one of us, no matter how old we are. Most of us consider improving our health in a few major areas, like our physical appearance. But we tend to miss out on the most important part that runs our entire body — the brain.

We are nothing without the vital functions of our brain, and we need to prioritize its health like we would with any other vital organ in our body.

When it comes to the brain, learning a new language can prevent or delay Alzeihmer’s disease and dementia by 4.5 years. This is a far more powerful than the best drugs which only delays the symptoms by 6–12 months.

The American Academy of Neurology has performed studies showing that speaking more than one language increases the amount of neural pathways in the brain, allowing information to be processed through a greater variety of channels.

Get a new perspective about your own culture.

See bigger picture! You know your country and your culture, but to know it better, to value it you should have a look at it from very different, new point of view. Too many people live their entire lives never questioning the universal “truths” they take for granted in their own culture. But step outside this narrow scope, and it’s like stepping out of the Matrix; once your eyes are truly opened to that new perspective, you can never go back.

Improve your native language.

According to the Impact of the Second Language Education, studying a second language alone will significantly improve the grammar, reading, vocabulary, and speaking skills of your first language.

This makes sense because learning a new language allows you to understand the structures and breakdowns of a language, whereas this is something you intuitively picked up when you learned your native language.

Increase your creativity.

Language learning is one of the best ways to become more creative. It’s a lot like putting together the pieces of a new puzzle. And the usage of a foreign language is both: a skill and an art.

Open up new career

We live in an increasingly globalized world and companies are constantly expanding overseas and dealing with clients from all over the world. Between two candidates with the exact same skill set and experience, the person who is bilingual is arguably much more likely to get the job. You also can grow significantly at your current job if you can speak a foreign language.

Meet new people and develop life-long friendships or deepen your relationships.

Meet new and interesting people! Speak to people in their language and you’ll understand their soul, you’ll be able to see the truth about their life and feelings, you’ll find out really exciting and amazing things from them. Develop life-long friendships or, who knows, even the love of your life!

Impress people around you.

People always admire those who have some specific skills, especially speaking a foreign language. This always considered to be the privilege of intelligent, well-educated and smart people, which can do something meaningful in their life.

Improve your decision making skills.

A study from the University of Chicago found that when people speak in a language other than their native tongue, it helps eliminate their tendency toward so-called loss aversion—that is, getting too caught up in the “here and now” to make choices that could profit us further down the road.

Bilinguals are more confident with their choices after thinking it over in the second language and seeing whether their initial conclusions still stand up. This means that if you learn a second language, this might well improve your ability to make wiser financial choices, for example. Who would’ve thought?

Enjoy works of art in their original language.

There are a lot of great masterpieces in literature (prose and poetry), folklore, songs all over the world. But we only can see their real beauty, know their real value, feel their depth and magic, if we get aquatinted with them in their original language. So, don’t miss such a great opportunity in your life and open the world of art from the different side.

Become more open-minded.

Learning a foreign language and getting soaked into an entirely new culture and world view is the surest way to become an open-minded, understanding individual, and that is really priceless. Seeing the world from a different perspective, and understanding where you and others come from, is a fantastic, eye-opening experience.

9fd55cd2e33798db05943dd7561d821fDiscover You Can Do It!

So many people want to learn a foreign language, but very often they find too many reasons why they “can’t achieve it”. All of those aren’t real, believe me. Whatever doubts you have, you really can learn another language. Earlier you start – faster you’ll have the results! Don’t hesitate and don’t waste your time and your life, do something great for yourself – learn a foreign language!


Special course for children!!!

If your life brought you to a far country but you still want to keep thedgkjk language of your ancestors, to preserve the culture and traditions of your native country and share all this with your children – welcome to my special course!

14141968_1756176774654769_8813256568399273039_n     I work with children for 10 years and have created and developed many interesting programs. As also a psychologist I use a lot of techniques which improve childrens’ memory, thinking, logic and creativity.       

                 In this special course we learn not only the language itself – we learn culture and traditions. This course includes folklore (legends and fairytales), classic and modern literature, music and movies, so that, your child could feel and love things which are so familiar for you. 

Let your children remember their origin:)



Christmas in Ukraine

Christmas in Ukraine.

              Christmas is one of the most esteemed holidays in Ukraine. It is celebrated on the 7th of January, and on the day before people have the Holly Supper.

             In the 10th century with the introduction of the Christianity into Rus’ it was fused with the local pagan celebrations of the sun’s return or the commencement of the agricultural year. In some areas there is still used the pre-Christian name of the feast — Koliada.


It’s very important to know and remember traditions of this bright, kind and merry holiday. First of all, this is the family holiday and all the rituals concern the home and the. The necessary part of the celebration is the Holy Supper. It begins with the appearance of the first evening star in the sky. There must be lean (without meat, milk, butter, fat or eggs) dishes on the table. There must be 12 of them as the symbol of diversity and richness of the coming year. On every table there must be the main dish – Kutia. This is tasty and healthy dish, which is cooked of the whole boiled wheat grains, then usually add grated poppy, nuts, raisins and honey. Though, the recipe can vary according to a region or family preferences.

              Caroling is a characteristic feature of the feast, it expresses respect for the master of the house and his children, and sometimes it’s accompanied by a puppet theatre (vertep).

                  Diduh is a straw sheaf, which had to be made from the first harvests last year. It is also necessary symbol of the holiday, which is kept up to our times. Diduh personifies ancestors, being also the shadow of the pagan past as the symbol of the God Koliada.

Christmas fills hearts with joy and hope. Merry Christmas to you and your families!!!




Різдво в Україні.

          Різдво – одне з найбільш шанованих свят в Україні. Різдво святкують 7-го січня, а на передодні влаштовують Святу вечерю.

               У X столітті, з введенням християнства на Русі, Різдво було змішане з місцевим язичrizdvo3ницьким святом повернення сонця або початком сільськогосподарського року. У деяких місцях все ще використовується стара назва свята — Коляда.

                Дуже важливо знати і пам’ятати традиції притаманні для цього світлого, доброго та радісного свята.  В першу чергу – це сімейне свято, і всі обряди стосуються дому і родини. Обов’язковим елементом святкування є Свята вечеря. Вона повинна починатися зі сходом першої вечірньої зірки. На столі мають бути пісні страви. Їх має бути 12, як символ різноманіття та багатства наступаючого року. Всюди на святкових столах обов’язково має бути головна страва – кутя. Ця смачна та корисна страва готується з цілої вареної пшениці, до якої зазвичай додають перетертий мак, горіхи, родзинки та мед. Рецепт та склад часто різняться залежно від регіону чи сімейних вподобань.

         Колядування — характерна риса свята, воно виражає пошану господарю будинку і його дітям та інколи супроводжується ляльковим театром (вертепом).

      c411a331f6e759062754037635ca42d4    Дідух – солом’яний сніп, який заготовляли з перших сіножатей, теж є обов’язковим атрибутом свята, який зберігся по сьогодні. Він уособлює предків, а ще – це слід язичницького минулого, символ бога Коляди.

Різдво наповнює серце кожного українця радістю та надією. Щасливого Різдва Вам і Вашим родинам!!!