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A written language is the representation of a spoken or gestural language by means of a writing system. From the ancient times people used different signs to express their thoughts in the way when information can remain longer than just a pronounced sound. They wanted to preserve their knowledge, memories and thoughts. Written language was one of the greatest inventions of the human civilization. It made people’s life to improve significantly and develop much faster. Usage of a written language is a fantastic skill which, as we know, isn’t available to any other creature on the Earth except a human.

Reading is the synthesis of a complex network of perceptual and cognitive acts along a continuum from word recognition and decoding skills to comprehension and integration. Beyond the printed page, a skilled reader draws conclusions and inferences from what he or she reads.

Several steps are involved in reading and reading comprehension. Both oral language and the written context play a role in word recognition and in the ability to construct meaning from print. Comprehension emerges from the interaction of letter, sound, word meaning, grammatical and contextual processes, and a reader’s prior knowledge.

Reading is one of the first steps in learning a foreign language. It is essential and extremely important, basic component of any language. Reading skill, actually, opens a language to the learner.

Ukrainian Reading Training is a unique tool for learning to read Ukrainian. I’ve designed it especially for my lessons to get the best and the fastest results with my students.

Exercises in the book are arranged so that, students gradually and naturally get acquainted with all the letters and sounds, their combinations in different positions which exist in Ukrainian. The system of the exercises allows to memorize and be able to use reading principles of Ukrainian very soon an easily.


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  1. Ray Moon says:

    Hello Mariya,
    What a wonderful thing you have accomplished here! I thoroughly enjoyed your website and went through nearly everything. I’m very interested in learning both Ukrainian and Russian, but I need to hear the words in each syllable. Please let me explain, I learned how to say Nadejda as nade-yesh-da. I just could not hear every nuance of the word as spoken by a native speaker. Do you have any cd’s of this type format where the word is spoken, then broken into syllables and spoken 2 or 3 times as such? This would help me immensely and I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. As you know many of your sounds are not made in the English language. Just so you know, I am a college professor, who taught English in China for 6 years, as well as courses in engineering. I hold a Masters in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in psychology.