About me

Mariya Yaremchuk

Date of birth 24 March 1987

Kyiv, Ukraine


Education:1994 – 2004 Comprehensive school

2004 – 2009 Nizhyn State Pedagogical University

(Mykola Gogol University)

Occupation: Teacher of the foreign language and literature

2010 – 2012 Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine”

Occupation: Psychologist

DSC_0100portretWork experience:

2004 – up to now Private teacher (Tutor) of English

2009 – up to now Tutor of the Ukrainian and the Russian   languages

06.2008 – 09.2009 Official Phone Representative in American company

2007 – 2009 Teacher of English and Foreign literature (Comprehensive school)

2009 – 2011 Teacher of the Ukrainian and the Russian  languages (Comprehensive school)

10.2012 – 12.2013 Practical Psychologist (Kindergarten)


                 Great experience of communication with people from different countries.

          I took part in arrangement of different business or personal meetings, conferences and seminars for foreign companies.

              First of all it’s necessary to say that my main hobby is my work, teaching, meeting different people and communication with them. І really love what I do. I’m a teacher and I like to teach people, to give them that important knowledge which I have. I’m really fond of my own profession. Sometimes I think I was born a teacher and I couldn’t live without teaching. So, almost everything I do is concerning with my work. I always try to do my best to get more necessary information from different fields of living to be the great professional. I’m sure, the real teacher has to be widely educated. So for getting the most effective results in my teaching practice I try to use all the knowledge and talents I have.

       I’m a teacher of language but the integral part of my profession (except knowledge of language) is the practical psychology. I’m really into it. I also work as the psychologist, most time as a volunteer. I love it because helping people makes me happy. I’m also fond of philosophy and alternative medicine. I like reading very much. Mostly I don’t have enough time for that but if I can I read a lot. I prefer scientific literature (psychology, philosophy, medicine) and also (to have a rest) many different books (science fiction, fantasy novels).

          I’m a music fan. I like different kinds of music. I think if I like a song and it’s really qualitative, interesting and fine it doesn’t matter from which style it is. For almost 2 years I’m learning to play piano. I like to sing and to dance very much. I go in for sports. I also like travelling and taking pictures._MG_2379

             In conclusion I’d like to say that I’m very open-minded person. I have really positive view points and opinions. I love life and people, respect and friendship. Friendship makes the sunshine brighter :)