As everybody already knows the best way to learn the foreign language is individual lessons with the tutor. Nowadays the achievements of the technical progress give us amazing possibility to have such individual lessons while staying at home and at the suitable time for us. So if you have computer, internet, and skype (or hangouts) you have the great chance to get new beautiful skills for you, and of course to learn Ukrainian.

imagesHPDR2Z3M         According to your goals we can use one of my programs. They are quite approximate, because the great part of the final success depends on your own knowledge, skills, memory possibilities, your motivation and many other factors. So we can use them just as starting point.

   1. Tourist program

   2. Initial level – Ability of simple conversation (basic writing and reading)

   3.Complex finished level (free speaking, writing, reading, comprehension)

   4.Improving, development and supporting of your knowledge of Ukrainian by means of communication with professional (native speaker) teacher.

   5. Special program for children! I use many psychological techniques during the lesson which improve children’s memory, logic and creativity. This program would be really useful for those people who emigrated abroad and wish to give their children a possibility to keep native language and traditions:)



   In general the system of studying includes 3 main components:


imagesOLI3B5XK  And to reach the best result we will pay the equal attention to each of them.

    One more important and necessary part of our lessons is the home task. I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult but it must be done. In such a way you will develop your new knowledge and make them stronger.


    On my website you can find a lot of materials which you can use on your own learning. These materials and methods are not the cheapest, but I can assure you I’ve created them based on my great experience and deep knowledge, so they do work.

During on-line lessons I’ll provide all the necessary materials for free:)!