http://mozg.by/system/files/u3778/tanda-tanya_0.jpgHow many lessons a week are necessary for the best results?                               

It completely depends on your skills and wishes but the most popular variant is two lessons a week.


How long does the lesson last?


Your lesson can last 60 or 90 minutes. (the first lesson 20 – 30 min is free!).


What materials are necessary for learning?


You don’t have to buy any books. I’ll send you all the necessary information and materials. You need just a copybook, vocabulary (it may be one more copybook for new words), and the Ukrainian/English, English/Ukrainian Dictionary (if you are going to learn Ukrainian you’ll need them anyway).


How long does it take to get the possibility of a simple conversation?


If you have at least 2 lessons a week, and start from the very beginning, I hope nearly 2 months.


Can I use my own ideas and wishes to organize my learning process?80565873_4599172_75283486_large_belkaaa


Of course, yes. We can use your ideas partially or completely, but you have to understand that many popular methods which promises great results in short terms without any efforts are just a dream (or don’t suit most people), so be realistic, to know something you have to learn it.



What about children? What age do you work with?

I work with children as well as with adults so my students are of different ages. The youngest are few children of 7 years old.